Mug Club FAQ's

Have questions about our Mug Club program? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the Mug Club and how do I join?

The Mug Club program is a loyalty program that you receive points on all food and tap beer purchase and discounts on all food purchases. You can join at any corporate location or online at (Free beer with purchase can't be offered online)

How do I change my email address?

Go online and Click Here and login or register card. If you forgot your password and don't have access to your old email you will need to email the information (card # and new email address to

Note: (The email address you use to login to the Card Portal site is not the email address that would be used to receive the communications and is not part of the registration. Once you register a card or multiple cards in the Card Portal site you can manage the profile of each card individually and within there is where the email address for communications would be)

What if I have two or more cards with the same email address? (ie: Multiple family members)

You can register multiple cards under one account therefore both will sign in with the same email address to view the points on each.

Why am I not receiving discounts on my purchases?

Card is not registered. Go online and Click Here

Where have all of my YTD (Year to Date) points gone?

YTD points reset every December 25th. At this point all rewards that are earned are given and any addition points will be reset to zero. All other plans will carry points over to next year.

What should I do if my card is stolen or lost?

You can request a new card at the location that you signed up at with another form of ID or email your mailing address to

Can I get a new card if my card is worn out or broken?

You can request a new card at the location that you signed up at with another form of ID or email your mailing address to

What should I do if I can't register my card? The website says: "This card number has not yet been entered into the system."

The card was ordered online or not swiped at the POS. Take the card with you on your next visit and have the server/bartender swipe your card when you pay or email your card number, name and email address to

What if I forgot my password for logging in online?

Request a new password by going to the login page here and click on "Forgot Password" type in your email address and press "Submit".

How do I know where I am on each reward plan? How do I find out my Points?

Click Here and login or register your card. Request the detail receipt after you use your card at any corporate location.

I have two cards can I combine the points?

Yes, email name and card numbers to

I am going to a location with my spouse or friends and would like to have all of the points combined the whole check. Can this be done?

Yes, now with our new program one card can get all of the points for the whole check but only one member's items will receive the discount. This allows you to get to the reward levels much quicker.


How come I am not receiving email communications?

Email address is incorrect online. Click Here and go to the My Cards page and edit the profile (under the card image) for each card you have registered. Or our newsletter email address is not added to your safe senders list or address book. (Emails may be going to Junk Mail if not added to these lists.)

What if I forget my card when I go to a location?

You can have the location look up your account via another form of ID (ie: Drivers License)

Can I add points to my account if I forgot my card?

You can email your card number, date of visit, and guest check number to (Points can't be added online)

Can I use my points to purchase food and/or merchandise at the location?

No, our system doesn't allow for point redemptions at the POS. All rewards are automatically printed or sent from the corporate office according to the Lifetime rewards drawings.