Broad Axe Stout
The Bennie
The Duke
The Northern

A thick creamy head sits atop the opaque blackness of this Oatmeal stout. Roasted chocolate and coffee notes make this beer a great treat!

S T Y L E : Oatmeal Stout
C O L O R : Opaque black
B O D Y : Medium
F L A V O R : Roasted character, rich and...

A German style lager, our Bock carries a brownish color, a medium body, and a mouthwatering smoothness from the wonderful malt and sweet caramel flavors.

S T Y L E : German Bock
C O L O R : Deep Garnet
B O D Y : Light to medium
F L A V O R : Malty...

The rich color of this Pale Ale hints at the bold malt character used to balance the huge hoppy flavors and defining bitterness of this classic English beer.

S T Y L E : India Pale Ale
C O L O R : Copper
B O D Y : Medium
F L A V O R : Assertively...

Brewed to the American standard of a classic lager, this light golden beer is our mildest offering with a creamy, smooth taste.

S T Y L E : American Lager
C O L O R : Pale Golden
B O D Y : Light
F L A V O R : Mild, crisp and minimal bitterness
A L...